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            Hello, Welcome to Zhejiang Changming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.!

            Human Resources

            Personnel Policies

            Choose only policy:

            The flourishing medicine job certainly builds a beginning, all the time in accordance with "people-oriented, idea, insists on the talented person developing side by side " combining ability with political integrity, selections person standard giving first place to morals, only way, attracts selections not limited to one style accepting superior and refined talents and large number of a person of noble aspirations of all kinds joining in a company.

            Use only policy:

            "Rich sea evidence Yu Yue, day height let bird fly ". Develop all the time with the fidelity poisoning a job the first, only virtuous servant servant standard, examine by putting achievement effect into practice, the effectuation competes to have engaged ways like post, environment, enthusiasm and initiative improving talented person bringing ability into play building one kind of competition just, fair and open going to post.

            Train men for profession policy:

            That knowledge, technical ability, the moral education ceaselessness improve an employee is the driving force keeping the flourishing medicine job unceasingly, big and powerful and continuing developing. The company deepens an employee from the inside training system, refine talented person. Funds is used for the training being in progress to the employee by the fact that finance appropriates a speciality, adopt the ways like the culture giving lectures, cooperating with colleges and universities research academies and institutes inward, training, engaging the outside expert scholar, excellent talented person having the inside imitating the actual ability and professional ethics accomplishment improving original talented person of company and the employee, refining.

            Keep person policy:

            Firmly staying talented person at any costs is to develop eternal run after.

            (1) cause keeps person: The company is that the employee designs that occupation plans specially, uses employee win-win realizing oneself value, reaching enterprise and the individual in developing process in enterprise.

            (2) pay keeps person: Develop condition and talented person market price, improve employee pay year by year, be the most favourable all the time all in industry according to the company.

            (3) welfare keeps person: The culture the company being subsidized for the employee pays hardware, and provides the housing, summertime welfare, welfare in the mid-autumn, welfare the Spring Festival, year-end award, going out on business, besieging allowance specially waiting for

            (4) affection of welfare keeps person: Try to explore new ways having "this culture of flourishing characteristic people", being consistent running after of company, and passing actual deeds such as respecting trained personnel, caring for talented person, training men for profession, developing talented person makes an employee feel family's kindness in developing.

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