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            Hello, Welcome to Zhejiang Changming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.!

            R & D

            R & D

            Research and development situation

            Zhejiang Changming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has strong technical force, professional technical staff, rich experience in production. We provide professional service, including, research and production of BPC and intermediates, synthesis and customized service of compounds, relying on research center, pilot scale test laboratory, multi-functional manufacturing shop and production base.

            There are professional R&D team (2 doctors, 5 masters and over 20 bachelors), and most of them have rich experience in organic synthesis of BPC and intermediates. In addition, we cooperate with Shanghai Organic Research Institute, China Pharmaceutical University, Zhejiang University, Zhejiang University of Technology and other research institutions. The area of our research and pilot scale test base is over 1000 sq.m. They are equipped with perfect synthesis, analysis and testing equipments. Research investment passes 6 million/year for three consecutive years. Each year we can develop 3 to 5 new products and apply 2 to 3 patents of invention.


            Product Development Process 

            Advantage Technologies 

            Chiral synthesis and resolution technology

            Pd-C catalytic hydrogenation technology

            Anhydrous anaerobic reaction technology

            Phosgene, thionyl chloride substitute technology

            Chemical synthesis including halogenating reaction and amination reaction

            Reaction under high pressure(10Mpa)

            High vacuum rectification(0.1mmHg)



            National new high-tech enterprise

            2006 Zhejiang major scientific and technological project

            2007 NDRC high-tech project

            2008 Zhejiang major scientific and technological project

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